Istanbul, Turkey | Travel Photography

While my hubby and I were visiting the motherland in May, we road tripped over to Turkey for a few days. Every time we go to Bulgaria, we try to visit a bordering country and for years I’ve been wanting to visit Turkey. Istanbul certainly did not disappoint. It is one of the most interesting places I have ever visited. It’s a predominantly Muslim country (a new experience for us) and although we spent most of our time on the European side of Turkey, it’s very unlike any other part of Europe that we’ve ever seen. It’s a mix of east and west, and a very bustling, cosmopolitan city. I loved witnessing the Call to Prayer every afternoon; a blast of song throughout the entire city, where all of the men duck into the mosques or pray in the streets. Plus, Istanbul is the city that divides a continent; we drove from Europe to Asia- how cool is that? There was literally a “Welcome to Asia”/”Welcome to Europe” sign as you cross the bridge that connects the two.

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