Lauren & Nick | Oahu Mountain Engagement


Not only are Lauren & Nick residents of Oahu, but Lauren is a photographer too, so we wanted to come up with something totally unique and epic for her engagement photos with her fiancé, Nick! Of course, there are endless beaches to choose from we wanted something different. As an avid hiker, I can say there are endless amazing views available too. But the problem is: most of them require a long, strenuous hike to get to, which isn’t always practical for doing photos, when people typically want to arrive photo ready – not a sweaty mess! ;)

Lauren and I had both seen the location below pop up here and there on social media and though we had not been there before, we knew it’d be the perfect spot to encapsulate this adventurous couple. We weren’t sure how far into the hike the viewing area would be. Luckily it wasn’t too far from the parking lot, but even though this hike is short, it’s very vertical. I’d advise anyone who chooses this location to expect to break a sweat! ;)

We got lucky with perfect weather. This spot is known to be extremely windy, but we only had a little breeze. The views were spectacular and it was worth the effort to get here. Thanks to Natalie Schulte for tagging along and shooting video (old school super 8 film!) with us!

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