Bittersweet Endings

Last week I said goodbye to the photography studio that I called home for the last three years. I’m a very sentimental and emotional person (a huge part of the reason being a photographer suits me so well!), but I was a bit surprised at how difficult it was to say goodbye. I stood in the doorway late Friday night, surveying the empty space, and fought back tears as I quietly bid farewell.

This space was my first “big girl” office space. The first space I built/designed/dreamed top to bottom.  I remember being terrified to sign the lease contract that was longer and seemingly more involved than my mortgage, but I took a leap of faith. Aren’t the best/biggest changes always scary at first? My business grew a lot while I was in this space. I shared the space with talented photographers and wedding planners. I met with countless clients and shared their excitement over their upcoming wedding days!

The space served us well, but now it’s on to even better things. My new studio, just down the road, is scheduled to be open June 1st and I can’t wait to share it! Thank you to my truly incredible clients and family for you unending support!

minneapolis_photography_studio_1 minneapolis_photography_studio_2 minneapolis_photography_studio_3