Mother Daughter Love

The older I get, the more and more I appreciate my mother. Without being a mother myself, it’s difficult to even comprehend the love she has for her children (us). The sacrifices she made in her own life for the betterment of ours. The selflessness beyond imagination.

When my friend, and fellow photographer, Rebeccah, asked me to photograph her and her daughter, as a Mother’s Day gift to herself, I jumped at the chance. I first warned her that I don’t really shoot this type of thing. :) But she assured me she trusted me, and it become quite clear that our visions aligned. We shot the entire mini session on film. No fuss, just easy and simple. Hugs, twirls, kisses, and splashing around on the water. I saw my own mother’s love in Rebeccah and her bond with her sweet baby, Eva. It made me wish I had photos like this with my own mother, because I think far too often, moms just aren’t in the photos. Rebeccah and Eva, I hope you love and cherish these images, and they give a little glimpse of the bond you share!
mothers_day_01mothers_day_02mothers_day_03mothers_day_04mothers_day_05mothers_day_06mothers_day_07mothers_day_08mothers_day_10mothers_day_11Images captured on the Contax 645, Canon 1V, and Mamiya 6 with Fuji 400, and Ilford XP2 film.