Stevi & Charles | Carmel, California Wedding

I can’t believe that Stevi & Charles’ beautiful wedding in the Carmel, California mountains was almost a month ago today!  Photographing this wedding was an absolute dream, not only because of the stunning setting at the Holman Ranch and all the gorgeous details, but because of a crazy-in-love bride and groom, their beautiful boys, and all the smiles, laughter, and love one day could possibly contain. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye as Stevi and her father shared an emotional walk down the aisle. During their ceremony, the forecasted rain finally began to fall, but after only a few minutes, the sun broke through the clouds and created the most magical sunlit sprinkles. By the time Stevi & Charles were pronounced husband and wife, the rain had passed and it was time to celebrate with lots of wine and family-style food under a beautiful arbor!

Though Stevi & Charles met in San Fransisco, Stevi is originally from Door County, WI, and many of their family and friends traveled to be a part of her and Charles’ big day, including The McCartneys, who I am soooo thankful to, for introducing me to this amazing couple.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect start to the 2015 wedding season and I am so grateful for being invited to be a part of this wedding. Stevi & Charles, congratulations! I adore you both and wish you all the happiness and adventure and love in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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