You guys, the beauty on Hawaii is endless! I’ve been here for nearly 10 months (WHOA, where does the time go?!) and I’m still discovering new places all the time. That’s one of the things I love most about this little island. I think you could spend all of eternity here and never run out […]

Amy & Jin | Crouching Lion Couples Session


Hello summer in Hawaii! Believe it or not, we do have seasons here on Oahu. I’m no meteorologist, but I refer to them as hot and hotter. The longer I live here, the more I can tell the subtle different between 87 and 93 degrees! As it’s gotten warmer, I’ve been doing a little less […]

Brittany & Seth | Oahu Couples Session at Kahana Bay


Kahana Bay, Oahu photo session by Laura Ivanova Photography

You guys, I may be living in Hawaii, but my roots will always be in Minneapolis. I love this city and the beautiful state of Minnesota. And, I think we can all agree that summa, summa, summatime is THE BEST! I used to live for those long summer days where it doesn’t get dark out […]

Kayla & Michael | Minneapolis Engagement at Loring Park


Minneapolis Engagement Session by Laura Ivanova Photography

I met Amy & Zack in beautiful Maui for a beachside couples session! Amy is a fellow photographer, and Minnesotan. We connected on Instagram, maybe through photography, but primarily because of our shared love of travel! She’s also a master of finding excellent flight deals. In fact, Amy is the reason I went to Copenhagen […]

Amy & Zack | Couples session on Maui