Sunrise couples session in Laie, Oahu


Meet these two cuties, Tori and Steve! When they initially inquired about doing a couples session Tori said:

“I was looking specifically for a film photographer, and for something on this vacation for a couple of reasons: 1) my father just passed away unexpectedly and looking through his photos of our lives growing up was incredibly nostalgic and heartwarming. He loved photography and taught me how to use a manual camera. 2) it made me realize that I don’t want to wait for the next “special” occasion (like a baby) to get special pictures taken of me and my husband as our little family. Life is too short and I want these times captured. 3) I sent my husband a few different photographers and he chose yours as number one, and if I know him at all it’s because of the photo on your front page with the camper van. he loves that aesthetic lol.”

Her inquiry made me laugh because the camper van is a vibe! But it also made me tear up because I recently lost a parent too, my mother. As tragic as it is, I could relate to Tori. When my mother passed, looking through old photos was our therapy. We could laugh and cry and reminisce. I think about my mom at every single session and send her a silent thank you for all the lessons and reminders. I carry her with me, and I envision the photos I’m capturing being viewed a decade down the road, or even by future generations.

Thanks to Tori and Steve (and Tori’s dad and my mom!) for the gentle reminder that life is precious and perfect right now, and that every stage deserved to be documented!

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