Sne reached out to me as soon as she got engaged and said she had been following me online forever! I must admit, I always love when emails start out like that! From the moment we met in my studio to discuss their big day, I felt like we were the perfect fit! Sne & […]

Barn & Brewery Wedding in Minnesota


I originally met Maggie when she was a bridesmaid in Emma & Alex’s wedding. You know how you just connect with certain people? You click and feel like you have so much in common?! That’s how I feel about Maggie, and Emma, and their tribe of friends. (Probably doesn’t help that I’ve stalked them all […]

Elegant Wedding in Downtown Minneapolis


Gosh, where to begin with Anne & David’s incredible wedding weekend on Stout’s Island? For those of you that haven’t visited Stout’s Island, please go immediately!! It’s such a beautiful lodge, reminiscent of a different era. I love the up-northy, lake-woodsy feel. It makes me feel kind of like Baby in Dirty Dancing (minus the […]

Wedding on a Private Island | Stout’s Island, Wisconsin


I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family many times before. Once pre-blog, once before little Leo was born, and once while Teryn was pregnant (though she hadn’t yet announced it!!). I was so excited when I found out Teryn & Ian were expecting and even more excited when they asked me to capture a […]

The Glenns | Family Session